A lemon is not just a lemon…

The workshops at la Noyère aim to help you develop your creative self with colours and ingredients, by following Anne-Catherine and Anne-Claude in their experiments with subtle shapes and flavours. Learn to see beyond simple foodstuffs and discover the multiple possibilities hidden among your kitchen ingredients.

A lemon is not just a lemon: squeeze it and you’ll get juice, but you’ll miss out on the best. Candied, glacé, yellow, pale green, sliced, spiralled, a lemon is zest, pulp and peel. It is a foodstuff and an object, ingredient and ornament. This is precisely the aim of La Noyère: A thematic course will teach you how make the most of foodstuffs that you can use for a variety of recipes and flower arrangements.

Make the recipe of the day in the kitchen under the guidance of Anne-Claude, before heading to Anne-Catherine’s table to savour it, while she shows you how to use different plants, flowers and objects to create floral arrangements. You’ll go home with a new recipe, learnt during the workshop, and a new outlook on shape, the simplicity of which is an open invitation to be creative..

A culinary workshop in the kitchen, lunch in the dining room, floral design in the studio, a walk in the garden… Such is the experience on offer in the beautiful surroundings of La Noyère, an elegant 18th century mansion in the middle of the vineyards of Mont-sur-Rolle, a small village set on the banks of Lake Geneva, 30 minutes away from Geneva and Lausanne.

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Price per workshop: CHF 140-180 depending on the thematic (dinner and material included)
One topic per month, 3 to 5 dates to choose from.

Private classes available for groups of up to 10 people (birthdays, company outings, bachelorette party, etc.) 

Anne-Catherine: +41 (0) 79 277 92 16

Anne-Claude: +41 (0) 79 714 52 88

Anne-Catherine and Anne-Claude

Exemples of workshops :

Spring daffodils
Variations on Easter eggs and spring lamb

 Experience the rebirth of nature with an explosion of flowers and vitality. The egg, symbol of fertility, will be at the heart of this colourful workshop, in both its edible and decorative form. Daffodils, narcissi, shells and tubers will create an ensemble worthy of the resurgence of nature.


Green hopes
Sap green / Leek, green tea and ivy

Among the seasonal vegetables, leeks take pride of place. Who would have thought so with its coarse appearance? With a parmentier of papet vaudois, a local specialty, or vertical flower arrangement, your perception of this vegetable is bound to change. The dessert will take you all the way to Japan, thanks to some flavoured green tea.


Carmine lights
Carmine / butter chicken, garam masala and colours of India.

To survive the frosts of winter, there is nothing quite like the exoticism and warmth of India. Travel through a brightly coloured world, vibrant with ginger and dazzling spices. The magical shades of flowers and plants selected by Anne-Catherine will complete the spell.


White purity
Ivory / White fish, coconut and snowdrops

Invite spring into your home and celebrate the rebirth of nature with the purity of white. Prepare your fish, in the oven, as a Carpaccio or “en papillotte”, with coconut. Discover the subtle delicateness of the year’s first flowers, snowdrops, narcissi…